Aspen Lane Pool

Pellettieri Associates, Inc. Landscape Architecture and Construction

After presenting the client several options for developing this fifty five acre property, it was decided the house would sit on the south slope of the properties high point. Not perching the house on the top of the high point improved solar access to the property, privacy, and saved mature vegetation that could be integrated into the design. The slope of the site and heavy clay soils were a challenge when fitting the 12,000 sf main house, carriage house, and pool facility on the hill. Given the slope of the site and the fact that the pool only sees service for about three months of the year in New England, it was decided to hold the pool and associated facilities close to the house. By lowering the pool facilities (relative to the rest of the backyard) we were able to reduce retaining wall heights behind the pavilion, create an intimate sense of enclosure and keep it out of view from the main level of the house in the off months. Natural cleft 8×10 foot wide bluestone steps gracefully transition grade from the kitchen area/screened porch to the pool area. The roofing material (slate) and the pitch of the roof created special challenges for the landscape. When accumulated snow slides off the roof the impact and effects are dramatic consequently.