About Flynn Stone

Over the years Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication has become one of the leading producers of natural cleft treads and steps in the United States. But as standard sizes and styles of stone and tile maintain their popularity, the unique quality of bluestone is re-entering the market in order to expand design options for homeowners and the building industry.

While basic bluestone materials remain popular for its tradition and durability, Flynn Stone is adding new innovative options to utilize the characteristics of their natural stone product. The expertise and craftsmanship of the technical staff at Flynn Stone enables the production of this new line of high quality precision fabricated products.

With the growing desire for bluestone material across the nation, the vision of taking Flynn Stone out of the heart of Pennsylvania Blue Stone Country, and going internationally in marketing bluestone as a premium product, has lead to the company becoming one of the leaders in design and stone fabrication in the international building stone industry.

The company’s affiliation with an international company, Bluestone Graphics and its cutting-edge civil drafting and 3-D architectural rendering and visualizations, adds an integral tool in the sale of any project. With this tool architects, engineers, contractors and even homeowners can benefit. With the company’s affiliation with Bluestone Graphics, Flynn Stone’s visualization department, customers are better able to picture what the final outcome of a project will be, without ever having to begin the actual work on it.

A company representative is able to, from start to finish, guide the project in the direction that will be the most efficient, functional and visually attractive design for the budget level of the customer. With the high quality fabrication in stone products, precision engineering capability, civil drafting and 3-D Architectural Rendering and Visualization capability, and Flynn Stone’s own in house estimating and consulting engineering staff, Flynn Stone Design and Fabrication is the right choice for any project.