Bluestone Steppers

Bluestone steppers go hand in hand with the natural look of bluestone paths. In contrast to the formal look of treads, steppers with their organic shaped edges provide a more intimate utilization of the surrounding environment within your hardscape design.

Bluestone Stepper Applications

Country home, lake houses, and cottages can all find a place for steppers. We most frequently see these used informal applications, such as the backyard where a pool area may step down into a garden or walking down from the patio to the waters edge. But depending on the home, more rustic or historic homes would find steppers appropriate to use to step up the front drive on the way to the front entrance.

Often we see steppers installed with rustic bluestone wall stones flanking the steps, along with boulders to round out the look. Depending on the design, the final look can range from unrefined while still sophisticated to even primitive.

Bluestone Stepper Colors

Being a natural edged stone with a rustic look and feel, steppers are most commonly used with full range bluestone though there is nothing saying that a particular shade within the range can not be focused on to have more congruency in the design.

Bluestone Stepper Finishes

Steppers are almost always used with a natural cleft on both the surface and face to preserve the irregularity of shape and give the most organic presentation to the stone, however, a thermal finish on the top surface is also fairly common.

Bluestone Stepper Sizes

If you are in the planning stages of your project, or if time is of the essence, we recommend considering our standardized sizes as this will be the most economical. Our bluestone treads come in depths of 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and select sizes of 20”and 24”, with lengths of 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, and 96”. Standard thickness is 2”.

As earlier noted, we are specialty stone supplier, so if you have special requests in terms of color, finish, or size there is a high probability that we can accommodate your requirements. Give us a call. Owner Rob Flynn answers all calls and will be able to let you know what we can do for you.