Architectural Bluestone Products

Like a hybrid crop that is purposefully and strategically designed to leverage the strengths of multiple strains to overcome environmental challenges, Flynn has recognized a void, an unmet need, of landscapers, designers, and architects that prevents them from utilizing Bluestone to it’s fullest potential.

Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication is the merger of direct from the quarry Pennsylvania Bluestone and an unmatched team of artisan craftsman that expertly design and fabricate our stone into works of architectural art. We have no competitors. No other company has the capabilities to use Bluestone like we do.

Superior Products for Superior Projects

Traditional stone suppliers aggregate product from quarries in standardized sizes. Stone masons work within the confines that the suppliers put them in, and use these products to create patios, walls, pool surrounds, garden paths, and more to create a unique look that can only be achieved with Bluestone. However homeowners with the most discriminating tastes, or architects with a drive to make an estate stand out, even amongst the most unique homes, need more than standardized stone and sizes. This is when Flynn gets the call.

End-to-End Stone Solutions

We are not a simple quarry. We don’t just cut stone to standardized sizes, and we are not limited to supplying raw materials. To the contrary. If you have an idea on how to use Bluestone, tell us; we’ll design it. You have a design, but there isn’t a supplier with anything similar available; we’ll fabricate it. Even if you need it shipped across an ocean, we can deliver it.

Think Big

If you’ve looked at any of the products we offer you understand that we can deliver products custom cut and finished to your exact specifications. We can handle radius cuts, a wash for runoffs, core cutting; this is basic blocking and tackling for our guys.

Think outside the box:

  • Fabricated posts with designs hand chiseled
  • Sinks cut from a single piece of a Bluestone
  • Bluestone jacuzzis
  • Natural uncut stone tables
  • Custom made benches with hand chiseled messages

Get creative. How can we make a one of a kind Bluestone creation for your next project.