Monuments & Sculptures

Bluestone Monuments are one of the finest products offered from our Lakewood Pennsylvania quarry. Using only the finest, flawless, stone harvested from our quarry, our artisan craftsman expertly turn this raw material into a work of art.

In the summer of 2014 Flynn Stone started a collaboration with New York based Japanese sculptor Minako Yoshino who specializes in hand stone carving.

Minako’s work has put Bluestone on the map as a sculpting material. In December 2014, Yoshino completed her sculpture Sleeping Mermaid, a 15 ton masterpiece, that was the first classically carved bluestone monument in the world, and is currently installed at Edgewater Harbor Park in New Jersey.

Other collaborations with Minako include the following:

  • Lover’s Embrace of Riverside Park in New York City
  • The Hudson River Spirit in Tarrytown New York
  • Children reading a history book which is found in The Holocaust Memorial Garden at the Englewood Synagogue in New Jersey

We understand that choosing the right supplier and design for your monument is not an easy task. Memorializing a place, event, or person is a solemn process that requires deep thought and consideration, and the resulting product has to be meaningful, symbolizing the impact that has been had on the world.

We are here to hold your hand through every step of the process from the initial brainstorming stage, through design, fabrication, delivery, and installation.

Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication has been blessed to be a part of the following memorials:

  • World War I Memorial in Washington DC
  • En Gorta Mor on Boston Harbor in Massachusetts
  • Kauai Veteran’s Eternal Memorial and Missile Defense Viewing Site in Kauai, Hawaii
  • The Niche Wall in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington Virginia
  • The new “habitat” for the Nittany Lion sculpture at Penn State University in State College Pennsylvania