Bluestone Wall Stone

A stone wall has an uncanny ability to connect what we see today to what was in the past. Historically, when forests were cleared to make way for livestock pasture, agriculture, or settlement, the stone that was found or unearthed had to be moved somewhere, and most often it was moved to the borders of the property and later made into a wall as a boundry either between other properties or simply to keep livestock separated.

Today, these stone walls still have function, but are equally matched by the beauty and ambience that they bring to a property. One of the great blessings of the work we do is bringing this feeling to your project, and Bluestone wall stones are not in short supply in our Northeast Pennsylvania Bluestone quarry.

Bluestone Wall Stone Applications

It may seem obvious. Wall stones are for walls right? Well, yes, but what you can do with a wall is only limited by your imagination. Just ask John Cullen of Celtic Gardens, whose work with stone, Flynn’s stone, has won prestigious flower show competition across multiple continents. Or take a look at Philip Hawk’s work, who fits stone together in a way that gives homage to contemporary fine art.

A look at the work of Cullen and Hawk is an eye opener to most. Simple walls are transformed into sunken gardens, a welcoming entrance to the driveway, the surrounds of a fountain or pool, the walls of a private sitting area adorned with wrought iron and climbing ivy…what image stirs in your imagination?

Bluestone Wall Stone Colors

Bluestone wall stones come in the full range of Bluestone colors from browns, to olives, lilac, and of course, blue. As a rustic stone with natural edges, it is most often used with this full range, however, if you have a particular color palate in mind, stones can be picked that stay within the desired spectrum.

Bluestone Stepper Finishes

Most often wall stones have a natural cleft finish which is achieved through hand chiseling the stone to shape, but tumbled can be provided as well which provides a slightly more natural and weathered edge.

Bluestone Wall Stone Sizes

Wall stones vary widely in size and thickness. Standard stone ranges from 2” to 8”, and depths and widths from 6” to 36”. Typically, each pallet contains a mix of colors and sizes to add the most visual interest to the finished wall, and give the stone mason the necessary materials for any situation that may arise.

Although a mix of colors and sizes are most common, some designs call for more uniformity. If you would like us to stay with a color range or stone size we should be able to accommodate.