Bluestone Garden Path & Standup

Flynn Stone Design and Fabrication is the premiere supplier of Bluestone garden path and standup with all stone coming directly from our quarry in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The information below can be considered generalizations about our standup Bluestone, but do know that Flynn is a specialty stone supplier, which means we are not limited the way many of the largest stone suppliers are. We will harvest and fabricate the stone to your specifications. If your needs veer from the norm just give owner Rob Flynn a call and he will work out a custom order for you.

Bluestone Standup Applications

Due to the natural irregular shapes and thicknesses, the most common applications for Bluestone standup is in less formal or even eclectic settings in the backyard and garden applications. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful raw materials to work with for a dramatic visual effect. One of the most well known stone masons that we exclusively supply, John Cullen of Celtic Gardens, is a testament to that statement.

John is the only person to win the Philadelphia, Singapore, and Chicago Flower Shows, and has done so with his endless creativity and our Pennsylvania Bluestone Standup. His work features majestic garden pathways, waterfalls, pool surrounds, and sunken stone gardens. Words do no justice to his work and we encourage you to checkout out his website.

Although typically used in a way that leverages the organic shapes for a rustic, even medieval feel, standup when cut can actually have a much more elegant and modern look. For instance, we were asked to supply standup for the the Baltimore Ravens for the entrance way to their practice fields and locker rooms. The possibility of achieving a more contemporary feel is made abundantly clear when viewing Phil Hawk’s work, another stone mason we supply exclusively. Phil leverages his creativity and craft to create everything from patios to waterfalls that have the most artistic designs that we have ever seen.

Bluestone Standup Colors

As with all of our Bluestone, our standup comes in full range/variegated, as well as select blue. In a standard delivery, the stone will come as a mix of these colors, with some stones being a single color or all the shades available from Bluestone with a single stone.

Bluestone Standup Finishes

The nature of standup is that it has a natural finish just as it was pulled out of the quarry, and in turn finishes that we may provide on other stones, like a thermal finish, are typically not provided with standup, but being a custom stone supplier, we can provide whatever it is you desire. If you would like standup with a thermal finish, give us a call – Rob will take care of you.

Bluestone Standup Sizes

Bluestone standup can vary widely in all dimensions and be as little as 12” to as big as 48” or more on the very large end of the spectrum. Widths also vary from 1.5” to 3.5”.

In a typical shipment of standup we will provide a mix of colors and sizes within each pallet, however, if you are looking for a particular size or color range, we will work with you to accommodate special orders.