Pebbles & Boulders

Boulders, although simple in nature, are great for landscaping due to their durability, affordability, and the simple fact that each one is unique in size, shape, and color. Pebbles, although not the most breathtaking stone that we offer, they certainly do have their place, and when used creatively in place of mulch or within wide joints, it can really make a dramatic visual difference in your finished project.

Our stone quarry in Lakewood Pennsylvania supplies boulders down the east coast and across continents.

Applications of Bluestone Pebbles & Boulders

Pebbles and Boulders are most frequently used as a replacement for mulch and as accents in flower gardens and among landscaping, but clever stone masons do a lot more with them than that. Garden paths, or even more formal sidewalks with thermal finishes can be expertly cut around boulders used as their borders, making the boulders and path seem to be as one stone grown together.

In a more dramatic application, our boulders have been used make man made ponds and waterfalls look as if they existed for eons.

Bluestone Pebbles & Boulder Colors

As you would expect, bluestone pebbles and boulders come a wide variety of colors, with many stones exhibiting the full range of blue stone within a single stone, while others are can be entirely one color including select blue.

Bluestone Pebbles & Boulder Sizes

Bluestone pebbles come in a mix of sizes but are generally around  ¾”, but we can provide stone from this size all the way up to boulders, which can range from a few feet in diameter to the size of a vehicle. We can deliver boulders up to 20 tons in weight.