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An Gorta Mor – A Long Overdue Memorial

May 15, 2019

We have just had the honor of delivering a 16 foot tall celtic cross to Deer Island overlooking the Boston Harbor. This is more than just a simple project for Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication. This came from one solid piece of bluestone pulled from our families quarry in Northeastern Pennsylvania, custom fabricated by our team, and hand carved by our own in-house craftsman, but it is more than just workmanship. En Gorta Mor memorializes a travesty. Over 850 Irish immigrants escaped the famine only to die from typhus, dysentery and malnourishment on their trip to the America’s seeking a better life. They lied in unmarked graves for over 170 years without. Rob Flynn’s (owner of Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication) family came from Ireland and poured their heart and soul into a dairy farm that is now the land where his quarry now resides. Without their hardwork, diligence, and…

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Nittany Lion Gets a New Home

September 13, 2013

The Nittany Lion Shrine at the Penn State campus at State College has a new look thanks in part to Flynn Stone Design and Fabrication Company and the masterful craftsmanship of stone mason Phil Hawk. The project consisted of a new stone base for the lion sculpture which was conceived as a mountain outcrop. Nearly 90 tons of local stone from surrounding mountains, including Mount Nittany, was placed to create a mountain environment for the lion. In addition, natural landing steps were designed and constructed with bluestone provided by Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication. New sidewalks, and a sloped ramp were also created to provide full accessibility for visitors to the famous Penn State landmark. Sean said the company was “very hands-on with the project working with the Office of the Physical Plant and the mason Phil Hawk. As alumni of this great institution, it is an honor and privilege…

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National Gallery of Art Get Flynn Skin

February 21, 2012

Over the last 78 years, the National Gallery of Art East Building, designed by world renowned architect I.M. Pei, has begun to fall under duress. The pink marble panels that adorn it’s exterior have begun to loosen. This is not a flaw in design, but rather in the original construction, more specifically, in the way in which the mortar in the joints adhered the panels together rather than allowing them to float freely as was prescribed in I.M.’s design. Sure, the move could have been made to just pull down the panels and reinstall them correctly, but instead, they have decided to use Pennsylvania Bluestone. Contractors Balfour Beatty and Smoot Construction joined forces to execute the repairs, along with masonry contractor Pagliaro-Lorton-Nardi and the design firm Robert Silman Associates, and we are honored that they have hired Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication to quarry and fabricate the over 17,000 bluestone…

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