An Gorta Mor – A Long Overdue Memorial

We have just had the honor of delivering a 16 foot tall celtic cross to Deer Island overlooking the Boston Harbor. This is more than just a simple project for Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication. This came from one solid piece of bluestone pulled from our families quarry in Northeastern Pennsylvania, custom fabricated by our team, and hand carved by our own in-house craftsman, but it is more than just workmanship.

En Gorta Mor memorializes a travesty. Over 850 Irish immigrants escaped the famine only to die from typhus, dysentery and malnourishment on their trip to the America’s seeking a better life. They lied in unmarked graves for over 170 years without.

Rob Flynn’s (owner of Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication) family came from Ireland and poured their heart and soul into a dairy farm that is now the land where his quarry now resides. Without their hardwork, diligence, and quite honestly, blessing from God to be spared the same fate as the 850 souls who lay in Deer Island, Rob, his family, and his business simply would not exist. As Rob explains in the press release below, donating the stone and hundreds of man hours was not a hard decision, and doing so has been one of the greatest joys of his life.

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