Bluestone capstones are a great way to take an otherwise rustic wall, and finish it off with clean lines. When a thermal, honed, or sand blasted finish, they can also be smooth to the touch making for a striking appearance when used on the interior of a home or within lobbies of commercial buildings or condos.

Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication is a leading supplier of Bluestone capstones, and is the go to source for many of the top architects and developers up and down the east coast for use in residential, commercial, and government buildings and landscaping.

As with all of our Bluestone products, these capstones come directly from our own quarry in Northeastern Pennsylvania, fabricated in our own shop, and shipped directly to you by owner Rob Flynn. By owning the process from end-to-end we can guarantee you the best prices on the highest quality Bluestone available.

The following will give you an overview on our capstones but if you desire a specific size, shape, finish, or color that may be outside of the norm don’t be afraid to ask. Rob answers every call and email personally, considers custom orders to be one of the many differentiators of his business, and will work out a custom order for you.

Applications of Capstone

Although you may think of capstones as being a fairly straight forward product, we’ve seen them used in a variety of manors. Most commonly they are finishing of a wall or pillar in a garden or patio, but we’ve seen them used in places like hand railings of the interior of luxury homes. Don’t let convention limit your imagination.

In their more traditional application, capstones do more than provide the finishing touch to a wall. They are used to shed water away from the wall, giving it more durability in areas where freezing and thawing can impact it’s integrity.

Bluestone Wall Caps colors

Wall caps can come in the full range of colors that Bluestone is available in, but being used to dress up a wall, the most common color is select blue.

Finishes for Capstone

Like most Bluestone, capstones are available in both thermal and natural cleft finishes, but honed and sandblasted are also very popular. The decision is mainly an aesthetic one based on your design. The smoother saw cut thermal finish will give a more elegant or formal look, and even more so for honed and sandblast finished capstones. On the other hand, of you want a more textured a more natural look, natural cleft is a better option.

An eased top can also be provided for capstones. This decision can be just for looks, but architects also call for it as the angled service provides function in aiding in the the run off of water in a desired direction away from rock structure which can be a trap for freezing and thawing water.

Another consideration is in the facing of the capstone. Typically, capstones are faced as thermal or natural cleft, but you also have an option for stone facing, which adds considerable texture for a more rustic look that may be more in line with the aesthetic of your design.

Sizing for Bluestone Wall Caps

The following are standard sizes for wall caps, and if time and costs are a factor, we recommend buying in these size options. However, if the design is paramount, and it calls for a size other than what is listed below, that is no problem at all. The stones we used on Arlington National Cemetery were 12 inches thick. Give us a call and we will fabricate the stone to the specifications of the architect, designer, or developer.

Bluestone capstones are available in thicknesses of 1.5” and 2”, in lengths of 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” with depths of 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18”.