Bluestone Veneers

Bluestone veneers are a specialty product that Flynn Stone Design and Fabrication has become known for. When most people think of veneers, the first thought is a faux shell for a building exterior, made of thin slivers of engineered stone materials. Although this may be the case, it is certainly not the limit.

Bluestone veneers can be absolutely luxurious in appearance and although they can be small 1″ slats, we can provide sheets of veneer up to 10 feet in length! That is the difference between ordering your veneers from Flynn and your typical supplier. We can push the limits of what is possible with Bluestone in order to make your dream design become a reality.

Bluestone Veneer Applications

Typically you will see Bluestone veneers used on the lower 1/3 of a homes exterior wall to dress it up with a rustic look. Alternatively, the historical buildings of our nation’s capital are covered from top to bottom in Bluestone veneer to provide the staple look of neoclassical architecture.

A typically, we’ve had a list celebrities request Bluestone Veneers to adorn¬† interior walls 40 feet tall to provide a timeless look that can not be matched in beauty.

Bluestone Veneer Colors

The color of your veneer comes down to the look you are after. Available in the full range of Bluestone hues, you can use full color for a more rustic look or select blue for refined, sophisticated, or classical feel.

Bluestone Veneer Finishes

Just as the color you choose, the finish comes down to the aesthetic you seek. Full range Bluestone colored veneers are often associated with a provincial look, especially with the traditional rock face, but given a smooth thermal finish, it is transformed into a unique modern masterpiece. For an even smoother look, you should consider a sand blasted finish. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you would like a more weathered look, as if the veneers have already stood the test of time, consider our fieldstone veneers.

Bluestone Veneer Sizes

Our standard size veneers are typically 2″ thick, 1-12″ high, and 8-36″ long, but as you already know, Flynn is not a supplier of only standardizes sizes. We can quarry stone veneers that will match a 200 year old stone bridge that you are restoring, or fabricate veneers a foot thick and up to 10 feet in length of that is what your design calls for. Let us know what you need. The odds are in your favor that we can deliver.