Patio Stone, Flooring, and Pavers

Flynn Stone Design & Fabrication is the premier supplier of Pennsylvania Bluestone Patio stone. As with the vast majority of the products that we offer, our patio stone and pavers come directly from our quarry in Lakewood Pennsylvania, allowing you the best price on the highest quality product by eliminating the middleman.

The following will provide you some guidance on our standard offering, but please keep in mind that we are a specialty stone supplier. Unlike massive resellers with numerous suppliers, varying sources and quality, and who have nothing but standardizes sizes, finishes, colors, etc. we will provide our stone to your specifications with consistency in quality. If you want a particular finish, size, or color just let us know and the owner of our quarry, Rob Flynn, will personally work out a quote for you and guarantee the product he delivers.

Bluestone Patio Stone and Paver Applications

Bluestone is such a popular type of flagstone due to it’s natural beauty and versatility. Although most often used outdoors in patios with a natural cleft finish, they can also be used indoors with tight joints and a smooth thermal finish, giving a home a more organic feeling than the more common and fairly generic looking commercially produced stone tiles.

Outdoors, the applications are endless as you can use a mix of sizes, all the same size, or same sizes with a varied size border. You can also have tight joints, or very wide joints with gravel, larger rounded stones, or even grass, moss, and vegetation in the joints. The limits of design and application only exist in your creativity.

Bluestone Patio Stone and Paver Colors

We provide Bluestone in both full range, or variegated, as well as select blue. Being a natural stone, Bluestone has variations in color range. Full range can include stones that are in tans and browns, to various shades of gray, but also can include green, lilac, and of course blue hues as well. This color mix can exist between stones, but also within a single stone.

Although most people desire the color mix, others, such as government buildings and landmarks, would like to have a more uniform palate and opt for select blue which is the blue grey color that has given the stone its name.

Bluestone Patio Stone and Paver Finishes

The finish of stone comes down to both the application but also the aesthetic of the design. Most often we supply bluestone pavers with a natural cleft, which is an organic texture achieved by using a hammer and stone chisel to bring the stone to the appropriate thickness. This textured finish looks great, but also has utility. It is often used on walkways or around pools that are often wet. The texture provides sure footed traction.

If you would like a cleaner look, we can also provide bluestone pavers with a thermal finish, as well as honed, and sand blasted. The result is a significantly smoother finish that has a cleaner and more contemporary look which may be more fitting for your particular aesthetic, but also highly desirable for any indoor applications.

Smaller sized pavers can also be given a tumbled finish which rounds off the edges. This is a popular finish in applications such as a driveways to make the driveway look as if it is not new, but been in place for decades.

Bluestone Patio Stone and Paver Sizes

If you are in the planning stages of your project, we recommend considering our standardized sizes as this will be the most economical. Our bluestone pavers and patio stone come in 1”, 1.5″, and 2” and in lengths and widths of 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, and 36”

Typically, our stone comes variegated coloring ranging from light browns, to grays, and of course blue, with a mix of these colors being provided within the order.

Although the above sizes and colors are standardized, one of the biggest differentiators between us and our competitors, besides the fact that we have our own quarry, is that we provide specialty stone. If your architect is calling for a specific non-standardized size, or perhaps would like all the stone with a particular color range, we can certainly fulfill the order.